Birthday piggies

So, someone wanted some muddy piggies on their birthday cake this year. I had great fun making this lovely cake with an unbelievable amount of wafers and flakes ūüėČ

Graduation cupcakes

I quickly made these graduation cupcakes. ¬†Unfortunately I did not have a lot of¬†time to spend on it so it is a bit thrown together, but I do think it came out nicely. ¬†I really need to find a nice icing recipe, although mine is tasty I don’t find it that easy to squeeze onto…

Home made nut butter

I love making my own organic nut butter!  It is so easy. Just roast, blend, add a touch of salt, eat!

Snack time

I love making Deliciously Ella‘s¬†raw energy bites. ¬†Definitely a lovely healthy organic, chocolaty snack in between meals. ¬†The last batch I’ve dusted with raw coco powder and it is so yummy! Here is a link to her online recipe, it is also in the cookbook (that is the one I use – without baobab). ¬†Even…

Making organic almond milk

I LOVE milk! ¬†And I don’t think I would ever (never say never) completely remove whole milk from my dieet however I don’t mind starting to use alternatives in my healthy baking. ¬†So last night I’ve made this week’s almond milk. Here are a few photos of the process.

Sugar craft sheep

I had so much fun with these cupcakes. ¬†I was given the ‘challenge’ to make some sheep cupcakes, so this was my first attempt.

Home made ‘goodies’

I’ve always loved baking! ¬†My first memory of baking was helping my mom baking a huge amount of cookies for our summer holiday at the sea in South Africa. My favourite is healthy banana nut muffins. ¬†I think my hubby’s favourite is still my¬†hot caramel pudding with custard. Both my kids have their favourites and…

Sugar craft books

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to create some cupcake toppers for a writing group. ¬†I’ve decided to try and make some books. I had great fun making 12 small books for the cupcakes and could not believe how easy and quick it was to do. ¬†The response was great as everyone seemed…