Home made ‘goodies’

I’ve always loved baking!  My first memory of baking was helping my mom baking a huge amount of cookies for our summer holiday at the sea in South Africa.

My favourite is healthy banana nut muffins.  I think my hubby’s favourite is still my hot caramel pudding with custard. Both my kids have their favourites and bake it themselves now that they are both adults.

Since we moved back to the UK both my hubby and me have done some great courses at Ashburton Cookery School and I’ve especially enjoyed the week long Patisserie course.  Their courses are fantastic and we can definitely recommend it.

It is great to have a whole family who love to bake and also enjoy eating all the lovely baked goods, however sometime you just have too many baked goods in the house so we love taking some into the office.

We’ve had such good comments about all the baked good we’ve made that I am starting to consider taking this one step further.

Here are a few photos of the goodies that got baked in our home over the last few years (probably months not years).