August 2023

Although we are supposed to be in summer, it is feeling like autumn since July and this put me back into a knitting mood. I am getting ready for winter!!

No way! A kitty!

I’ve always admired people making soft toys.  However I thought that it would just be too hard to do. When I saw I could make an ITH kitty, I thought I’d give it a try. What fun! ITH is making something In The Hoop of an embroidery machine, so there is normally very little sewing…

My first attempt at brioche knitting

What a learning curve! I saw some beautiful knitted scarfs on Pinterest and was intrigued.  So I did a little bit of research and found brioche knitting.  What I didn’t realise was that it was really going to mess with my brain with some time! I looked on Craftsy (now BluPrint) and found quite a…

Weekend mesh top

On Friday the weather suddenly changed and it was cold, wet and grey. No better time to decide to quickly knit a warmish summer top that I can just throw on over a t-shirt.

Crocheting Rose Granny Squares

I’ve taken up another hobby.  This time I am teaching myself to crochet.  It is taking a bit longer than I expected but I am really enjoying it.  I’ve decided to make a blanket from granny squares and as I haven’t done this before I had to try a few different types before I managed…