A New Year, A New Craft: Exploring Resin Art

Happy New Year, Crafters! With the arrival of a new year comes the thrill of new beginnings and fresh creative endeavors. This year, I’ve dived into the fascinating world of resin crafting, and I’m excited to share my first creations with you! Resin offers endless possibilities, and I’ve been having a blast experimenting with colors,…


There is a first time for everything, and that includes making shoes!

Bright granny square blanket

In the process of finishing off this granny square blanket I started last year. I find knitting and crocheting to be seasonal, and I normally just put it down and leave it for a few months.

Upcycled shirt

When your son outgrows his shirts and you turn it into a lovely little summers top.

Recycle cat

I dislike throwing things away that can still be used. In this case a pair of my son’s jeans. I just could not resist turning his old pair of jeans (with a few holes in), into a lovely cat.

New placemats

I’ve made a new table cloth for my dining room and decided some placemats in the same fabric would look lovely. I had a lot of fun digitising the knife, fork and cake fork, then embroider it on the fabric.

No way! A kitty!

I’ve always admired people making soft toys.  However I thought that it would just be too hard to do. When I saw I could make an ITH kitty, I thought I’d give it a try. What fun! ITH is making something In The Hoop of an embroidery machine, so there is normally very little sewing…

My first attempt at brioche knitting

What a learning curve! I saw some beautiful knitted scarfs on Pinterest and was intrigued.  So I did a little bit of research and found brioche knitting.  What I didn’t realise was that it was really going to mess with my brain with some time! I looked on Craftsy (now BluPrint) and found quite a…

Birthday piggies

So, someone wanted some muddy piggies on their birthday cake this year. I had great fun making this lovely cake with an unbelievable amount of wafers and flakes 😉